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The new wave of Mediterranean fashion designers responded massively to participate in the 2017 OpenMyMed Prize, its 7th edition. Created by the Maison Mode Méditerranée (MMM), the competition is a real success, particularly thanks to our partners who, each year help us improve the support given to young designers to better meet their needs and requirements.

This editionhad 156 candidates participating, which is a 56% increase over 2016; they came from 19 different countries. The 40 who were pre-selected earned more than 15,000votes to generate 20 finalist Laureates.

The competition’s international e-jury of Fashion professionals included Simon Porte JACQUEMUS, our guest of honour for the 2017 OpenMyMed Festival.

The votes on our Facebook Page were both numerous and international, with more than 15,000 Likes!

In the Press: 22 international press articles between October and December - Discover here

Discover all the laureates here

The 2017 endowment

1-  Brand Strategy

The MMM provides a vital tool to each of the 20 Laureates to help them develop a coherent strategy and a strong creative identity; a solid brand marketing strategy.
This support is organised by; Jayne Estève Curé, an expert in marketing who lectures at the IFM, the Institut Francais de la Mode-the French Fashion Institute, and at ENSAD, the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs-the higher national school for decorative arts; Olivier Guillemin, Creative Director and President of the French Committee for Colour; and Olivier Védrine, an  architect-designer and lecturer at Camondo a private Decorative Arts School in Paris, and  co-founder of the design agency Agence [o,o.]
«We have a common experience in the design and creation sector as artistic directors, producers and teachers in the most prestigious Design Schools. This allows us to measure and appreciate the impact and importance of the OpenMyMed Prize which provides an essential platform to help candidates structure their creation and market positioning by using a mixed approach between marketing, brand image, colour universe, retail and showcasing ».

Online preparatory mentoring: February - May 2017
Workshop: 7-9 June 2017 / Marseille


The MMM provides the 20 Laureates with mentoring sessions to help put in place a distribution strategy to win over buyers, and cope with market demands and requirements. The sessions are organised by Muriel Piaser, Global Fashion Developer and member of the OpenMyMed Prize’s team of experts.

A Master Class given by Muriel Piaser entitled « International business development & promotion buyers process » along with individual mentoring for those Laureates participating in the 2017 Trade Fairs in September.
Date: 6 June 2017 / Marseille

Individual mentoring by Muriel Piaser for those Laureates participating in the 2017 Trade Fairs in September.
Dates: June - September 2017 

Expert Support 

Muriel Piaser will choose one Laureate for 6 months of personal mentoring in «International Development ».
« I am very pleased to be able to help one OpenMyMed Laureate develop a targeted and focused international and local strategy based around three main themes: « Advice on international business », « Advice in terms of Fashion » and how to win over « Buyers ».
Dates: June-December 2017
The selected LaureateSusana Bettencourt


A page dedicated to each Laureate on the website / « The Laureates » (35,000 visitors / month)

Promotion: on the MMM’s social networks with around 16k followers; in their weekly Newsletter sent to over 4,500 professional fashion contacts with any news about the Laureates mentioned in the column « News »

Showcasing (silhouettes/packshots) in the OpenMyMed Journal; a 54 pages in a bilingual magazine, with 30,000 copies distributed from May 2017 to January 2018

A Fashion Spread by the 20 Laureates, published in a magazine
Dates: 7-9 June 2017 / Marseille

Communication tools concerned with the Laureates’ identity: an interview video of around 1m30
Date: 9 June 2017 / Marseille


The Communications endowment from our Partners 

The Fashion PR firm « Les Nouvelles RP » will provide the industry’s press with news about the 20 Laureates for a period of 6 months
Date : January-June 2017

The fashion photographer Faustine Martin offers a photo shoot for 2 Laureates
Date : March-April 2017 / Marseille
Selected Laureates Il Était un Fil and Les Candides Joaillerie Sauvage 

Photomed offers a Fashion Spread to 3 Laureates, each in partnership with a different Mediterranean photographer. The photos will be shown for the first time at the OpenMyMed X Photomed Exhibition imagined by the photographer and writer Guillaume de Sardes
Dates: 26 May-19 June 2017 / Marseille - J1, area in front of the MuCEM and at La Friche Belle de Mai

Partner Support x Fashion Innovating

By Tajima, the sector leader and a major actor in the textile industry, specialised in the production of embroidery and sewing machines.
Tajima, a partner of the MMMM since 2016, has now taken on a more active and participative role, by organising a workshop for the 20 Laureates
Date: 6 June 2017 / at their site in La Ciotat, near Marseille 

At the end of the workshop Tajima will select 1 Laureate : Okhtein - providing a grant of €1,000 and a trip to Milan to produce two unique pieces of embroidery.
Dates: July-December 2017 / Milan, Italy



Have had at least two commercialised collections
English is obligatory: written, read and spoken)

- Category M MAJOR: You are domiciled in Marseilles or its surrounding Region. Apply here
- Category MFP: You are domiciled in: Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, or Turkey. Apply here

Do not hesitate to contact


From 18 October to 30 November 2016: Submission of applications
December 2016: Review of the applications by the Jury and vote by the General Public
January 2017: Announcement of the 20 laureates
February-May 2017 « Brand Strategy » preparatory work online
06-10 June 2017: « Brand Strategy» MEET'IN and Workshop in Marseilles


Françoise Montenay
President of the Supervisory Board of Maison Chanel S.A.S., President of CEW – Cosmetic Executive Women trade organisation, Ex-President of the Colbert Committee, and a MMM Board Member

Bruno Pavlovsky
President of Fashion activities at the Maison Chanel

« For several years now we have participated actively in the missions of theMaison Mode Méditerranée (MMM), including the OpenMyMed Prize. The MMM’s objectives are multiple: finding and revealing new fashion designers and talent in the Mediterranean area; sharing knowledge, skills and know-how; providing training and academic courses with industry experts close to this generation of entrepreneurs to pass on the demands and requirements of our Trades and Disciplines. The more that the Fashion Industry abounds with talent the richer it is, and the MMM makes a major contribution ». 

Sidney Toledano
CEO of Christian Dior Couture, and a MMM Board Member 

« Marseille is a crossroads and melting pot for different cultures. The city has always been outward looking and open to the world. In fact it is part of its DNA since the Greeks were here to look South towards Africa. Furthermore, whether you are Belgian or Italian, the Fashion world functions best when it mixes, merges and blends its creativities. In our studios we have representatives of many different nationalities. I would even go so far to say that being involved in Fashion makes it easier to get involved in a particular culture ».


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