Amine Bendriouich

Amine Bendriouich ©DR Amine Bendriouich ©DR

Based in Casablanca, Amine Bendriouich founded his eponymous label after completing a degree in fashion at ESMOD Tunis. Born in the mid-80s, he was inspired by the aesthetics of his generation. AMINE BENDRIOUICH - Couture and Bullshit or AB-CB for short, offers a cheeky and nonchalant reflection on fashion and society. His edgy unisex collections soon became iconic to the younger Moroccan generation, while appealing to fashion conscious people abroad. Working in his atelier, Amine designs his collections like a storyteller.

"OPENMYMED PRIZE is a great occasion to meet other creatives and professionals from the region. It will allow me to expose my work to a serious respected institution (MMMM), and to a world class professionals, and allow me to have their feedback on my work. The program proposed to the winners is fitting what I'm lacking in my business... "

Awards winner: Createurope 2009 Audience's favorite designer award and jury special prize 

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Amine Bendriouich ©DR Amine Bendriouich ©DR