Nir & Rotem Goeta

Nir Goeta & Rotem Mitz-Goeta Nir Goeta & Rotem Mitz-Goeta

Nir Goeta, menswear designer in Maison Martin Margiela, and Rotem Mitz-Goeta, womenswear designer and studio manager, is a married couple who graduated from Shenkar College of Design in Israel. Established in 2014, HANNAH is a Tel Aviv based womenswear brand that mixes contemporary tailoring, minimalistic lines, premium materials and innovative techniques to create high-quality items. Together they create unique design aesthetic offers, a modern interpretation of femininity combined with menswear elements.

"Our aim in the future is to sell our collection in the International market. We believe that the OPENMYMED PRIZE will help us to develop our brand strategy and will give us the tools to build our creative positioning and market positioning by providing us training with professionals and experts."

Awards winner: ITS 9, Trieste, Italy / Upcoming Israeli Designer - awarded a €35K by the Israel's state lottery( Mifal Hapayis) and chosen to present at Tel Aviv Fashion Week, October, 2015. 

Website: www.hannah-studio.com

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Nir Goeta & Rotem Mitz-Goeta Nir Goeta & Rotem Mitz-Goeta