Ylan & Davy Dahan

Ylan & Davy Dahan ©DR Ylan & Davy Dahan ©DR

The complementarity between two brothers, the creativity of Ylan Dahan, the initiator of the project, and the strategic vision of Davy Dahan, allow the creation of LE FEUILLET. Made in France, this label of intuitive, minimalist and high-end leather goods was developed based on the interaction between man and an object. The products have been thought through down to the smallest detail, from the choice of leather and materials to the internal and external finishings, and completed with a unique laser engraved number.

"For us, participating in the OPENMYMED PRIZE is a way of taking a look at the way the label is progressing, where we have come from, and above all what we still have to achieve. It also means getting objective feedback from well known fashion professionals of the way we have built the label so far, getting access to ongoing support and awards."

Awards winner: Talent de Mode - 2016 "Coup de cœur" Prize of the Jury 

Website: www.lefeuillet.tv 

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Ylan & Davy Dahan ©DR Ylan & Davy Dahan ©DR