Il Etait un fil - MARSEILLES - M MAJOR 2017


Il était un fil Il était un fil

After a career in public relations and numerous voyages, particularly in Asia, Naouel Bekkaie decided to launch her label, IL ETAIT UN FIL, with a collection of intelligent leather goods. Fashion, technology, meticulous detail, and high quality leather are the foundations of the label which provides accessories for you daily life capable of recharging all types of smartphone batteries. Bringing together tradition and modernity, each piece is made in France using exceptional skills and know-how, with traditional tanning techniques and cutting edge technology.

« Il Etait un fil is becoming more and more successful and, therefore, is looking to enlarge its distribution channels to include the international market. Being a laureate of the OPENMYMED PRIZE would help increase my business network and we would get support from well known experts in the Fashion industry. »

Award winner: Fashion ideas Pop Immo

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Il était un fil Il était un fil