CEO Garella Holding, President of MMM (2010-2014)

Jean-Brice Garella

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CEO of the Garella Holding Group and past-President of the Maison Mode Méditerranée (MMM) for three years.

He works together with the Maison Mode Méditerranée in order to "share the skills and competences in the Mediterranean basin and reinforce the textile sector in the territory to combat the rise of the Chinese and Indian producers...” Transferring skills and know-how is essential for him, "it is useless if they make the same mistakes as we did...” Mr Garella will teach on the Masters 1 Degree course in Fashion and Textile Metiers. The students are lucky, they will to be able to listen to an important professional in the realms of corporate organisation, economy and finance.

"Why give lectures to students if you are Company Manager?”
by Jean-Brice Garella, President of the Maison Mode Méditerranée.

Our society in Europe is actually evolving in a period of economic change where activities linked to innovation are separated more and more from production activities. And the activities involved in the luxury goods, fashion and textile industries are no exception. Our industrial model is moving little by little from the material to the immaterial, where the production process is totally subject to the process of creation and innovation.
Starting from this fact, and if European fashion houses want to maintain their advantage over countries where production costs are much lower, the question of development and the transmission of skills and know-how will become a strategic challenge in the years to come.

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