CEO, American Vintage - 2010

Michaël Azoulay

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« In Marseille, even with the sunshine, a company can only be successful if everybody works together. And it takes a lot of hard work. Working in the fashion industry is difficult.  Each season you have doubts and question what you are doing. The competition is always getting bigger. Only being innovative, always creating, paying attention to the quality of service provided and paying attention to customers, will lead to success. But to make our business model sustainable, even when, like us, the company's growth is galloping ahead, we still have to consolidate our teams and recruit passionate, young, well trained people. Because we need to have them join us as soon as possible, it means that they must undergo their training not far from where we are. The Degree in Fashion and the new Masters Degree run by the Maison Mode Méditerranée (MMM) and Aix-Marseille University (AMU) are very positive sources of future talent for us. In the same manner, anyone who can improve our reputation also directly helps our industrial activities. That is why I wanted to become a MMM Board Member. To remain a market leader, my collaborators and I must travel extensively, not only around the Mediterranean basin, but all over the world. »

Each year Michael participates directly with the students on the Masters Degree course. For these students he represents the values imparted by this young generation of business managers in Marseille.

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