Romane Petrosino Joaillerie - MARSEILLE - M MAJOR 2017

Romane Petrosino

Romane Petrosino ©DR Romane Petrosino ©DR

The designer, Romane Petrosino, studied E-commerce and Management at Aix-Marseilles University, and passionate about design she launched her label ROMANE PETROSINO JOAILLERIE. She pays particular attention to the mix of the unprocessed nature, finesse, softness and natural colours  provided by precious stones, gold nuggets and raw diamonds.The label attaches great importance to its suppliers, and is particularly strict that they should respect workers' human rights, as well as respecting the environment.

"Being a laureate of the OPENMYMED PRIZE would help Romane Petrosino Joaillerie to be better known in the Fashion world. We would also get support from well known experts in the industry, and it would help us develop our distribution channels. The advice and experience of the MMMM are essential to develop my little jewellery house in the most intelligent and sustainable way."


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Romane Petrosino ©DR Romane Petrosino ©DR