Karine Parra

Karine Parra ©DR Karine Parra ©DR

Karine Parra worked for independent labels, then in 2014 she created her own label MASSALIA. Her lines of sandals are designed and handmade in Provence from French vegetable-tanned leather, a tradition which the designer wants to perpetuate. She has a passion for her “metier” , the use of artisanal skills and know-how passed down over the generations, accompanied by a sensibility for raw materials and an association of details and sobriety.

"Like any new label, Massalia needs to become known in its own region, across France and internationally. I hope that through the OPENMYMED PRIZE I will get support in terms of a commercial strategy which fits together with a communications strategy and international development."


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Karine Parra ©DR Karine Parra ©DR