Ece Ozalp

Ece Ozalp ©DR Ece Ozalp ©DR

ECE OZALP is an Istanbul based fashion designer who loves to turn her imaginary world into reality. After her International Finance degree, she decided to study Fashion Design to be able to create for the rest of her life like she did in her childhood. She launched her eponymous label with creations full of playfulness, colors, prints and structures. She loves to try new techniques and different materials. Her collections are a new way of storytelling for her. She translates concepts and moods into shapes and techniques. She likes to define future in her point of view with her designs.

"It is a great opportunity to be able to have support and guidance from industry professionals such as MMMM. As a young designer, it is very important to have OPENMYMED PRIZE with experts who understand the aspects of design and fashion business."

Awards winner: We Are Able Fashion Tech Festival Exhibition Selection // The Creators Project Top 10 Best Projection Mapping of 2015 // Identity Dress 2015 Selection 

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Ece Ozalp ©DR Ece Ozalp ©DR