Les Méduses Vertes - MARSEILLES - M MAJOR 2017

Leila Ludwig

portrait Leila Ludwig

After a formation in Business School and an international career, Leila Ludwig passionate of fashion, realised her dream and create her own label LES MÉDUSES VERTES which honours manual skills and artisanal craftsmanship. The motto of her brand remains in the attention to details and by using fine and beautiful materials. Each piece possesses a very strong aesthetic and tells a story.

"The OPENMYMED PRIZE is an opportunity for Les Méduses Vertes to be under the spotlight and become better known, not only by its existing partners but also by future partners, thereby enlarging our professional network. Most of all, it is a way of getting high-end professional training and support, which helps the development of the label and its structure in a sustainable manner."

Website: www.lesmedusesvertes.com

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portrait Leila Ludwig