Artém Khudoroshkov

Artém Khudoroshkov ©DR Artém Khudoroshkov ©DR

When still a student at Moscow State University of Design and Technology, the young Artém Khudoroshkov demonstrated creative qualities and an avant-garde vision in all that he set out to do. He confesses that had he not been a designer, he would be an architect. For this reason, in each of his ARTÉM ATELIER creations a subtle connection with structures, proportions, lines and forms can be seen. The designer has settled his centre of operations in Barcelona, where he develops his designs at the present time. An important part of his artistic and creative development has been learning about the tradition and craftsmanship in leather in Spain.

"Artém Atelier is a young brand with an idea to offer a new and high quality products. By now we have many publications in international press. But at this moment of growing we need OPENMYMED PRIZE support to keep on with our production and offer more new items for our customers."


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Artém Khudoroshkov ©DR Artém Khudoroshkov ©DR