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Baraa Ben Boubaker

Baraa Ben Boubaker ©DR Baraa Ben Boubaker ©DR

baraa™, which means « innocence » in Arabic, was created in 2009 by Baraa Ben Boubaker Guillou, who dreamed of using Tunisian skills and know-how to produce timeless clothes full of contemporary freshness. 
This meant developing the weaving of the traditional Tunisian Hayek garment, finding the right wool and linen, using traditional weaving methods to produce soft and supple cloth, using natural dyeing methods again, and designing a style and cut for all figures, permitting the wearer to move freely and live the Mediterranean every day in an elegant and casual way...
Very quickly she was noticed in trade shows and international exhibitions, like the prestigious « Maisons et Objet » trade show in Paris, which put her into the high-end category and got her adopted by a luxury clientele.
In 2010, because of her original approach for sustainable and ethical fashion, before it was all the rage, Baraa was rewarded by becoming the first Tunisian laureate of the competition of the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode in Marseilles. This distinction opened new horizons for her, and also opened the doors of some of the major Maisons de Couture in Paris. In 2011 the label baraa™ was noticed by Mme Leila Menchari, the exclusive advisor to « Hermès », and asked to provide garments to be shown in the shop window at the very famous address of « 24 Faubourg Saint Honoré ».
The same year the buyers for avant-gardist concept stores became interested in the collections of baraa™, which led to them being sold in Japan in the boutiques of the very select Group « Galerie Vie - Tomorrowland », which went on to place an order for an exclusive collection for 2014. The following years confirmed Baraa's success, with distribution agreements being made with ABC New York, in Geneva and in Paris.

baraa™ is more than just a responsible label. It cultivates taking the necessary time to produce materials, making the right and precise decisions about fabrics and the cut of a garment. It cherishes and respects the work of artisan craftsmen, particularly those Tunisian artisans who are the last to use ancestral skills and know-how.
A dreamlike style of fashion, finding yourself in complete simplicity, with garments where you can discover the freedom of your body, paying homage to life and the Mediterranean. 

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Baraa Ben Boubaker ©DR Baraa Ben Boubaker ©DR