Jayko - Marseilles - M Major 2012

Sabine Bardon


After Sabine Bardon obtained a BTS, Higher Technical Diploma, she joined the Garella Group. They made her responsible for one of their flagship products the Batiste label, where she was successful. Then she decided to create her own label, Jayko, with the support of the Mediterranean Fashion Institute. In 2006-07, she was a laurate of the M Major competition.

A label dedicated to women, built around major feminine values, such as romanticism, authenticity and poetry, but still openly displaying a certain conception of unconventional fantasy. With her, each woman is singular and unique. For her Jayko  collections, she uses natural materials. The cut is important as are the unusual romantic fashion details.

 Based on the Côte d'Azure, only a few kilometres from Marseilles, this now international label, is one of the MMMM success stories.

 Website: www.jayko.fr

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