Referent expert 2020-21

Ali Rakib


After a number of different professional lives, including football coach, social worker, teacher, archaeology recreator, Ali decided to travel and discover foreign civilisations, both antique and contemporary. A survivalist in the forests of Sumatra, the Amazon and the Himalayas, Ali even went as far as sharing his daily life with isolated indigenous peoples around the world. These experiences in the field led him to a validation of his informally acquired knowledge, which was subsequently officialised by a PhD in Anthropology and Praxeology, whose main subject was the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In order to support activities which generate income streams vital to the autonomy of indigenous peoples, and to save their intangible cultural heritage, Ali created the French Company FORWEAVERS, specialising in the fair-trade of rare textiles from around the world.

He very quickly became an official supplier to the LVMH Group's materials library, a consultant for UNESCO, an Anthropologist for Chanel, and Researcher for the French Ministry of Culture. However, he makes sure he has time for conferences at Science-Po in Paris, the Central St Martins School in London, the French Fashion Institute in Paris, and to teach anthropology in the arts at IESA the Arts and Culture School in Paris, and at the CASA93 Alternative Fashion School in Paris.

After giving a conference at the International Institute for Creation and Fashion Sewing in Marseille, Ali met the members of the Maison Mode Méditerranée (MMM) in Marseilles, and fell in love with this ecosystem. The initial exchanges gave rise to a number of ideas and projects, with the absolute desire to offer his experience in living, intangible cultural heritage; the Mediterranean is a concentration of the imaginary, of religions, beliefs, cultures, encounters, and mixes, since prehistoric times. Any sociologist worthy of that name would feel honoured and happy to research such a subject.

He is already working on an initial project for an exhibition of archaeological artefacts of Lebanese clothing dating from the 12th Century, and a reconstituted piece of clothing is already being worked on! 

In 2020, Ali was hired by Jina Luciani, the President of the MMM, to run the MMM Fashion Academy, the major support package of the OpenMyMed Prize, open to 21 countries around the Mediterranean, in Africa, and France.

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