The MMM entrusts to the expert Ali Rakib the main endowment of its OpenMyMed Prize competition: the coordination of the MMM fashion Academy.

His dual skills as an anthropologist and developer of young companies committed to sustainable development, as well as his teaching career at Science-Po, Centrale Saint Martins School, IFM, École IESA, and CASA93, it will give to OpenMyMed Prize an innovative expertise.

Ali Rakib will associate to MMM Fashion Academy, experts with whom he already works with: Daniela Fetzner, Sociologist, archaeologist and fashion historian; and Marie-Christine Skvorc, Retail expert and director of the Tommy Hilfilger boutique in Bon Marché; Cécile Poignant, a leading resource for forecasting trends and consumer perspectives for design, fashion, textiles, food, beauty, retail and creative industries, and Ramata Diallo for strategy development brand.