Nelly Rodi, creator of one of the largest trend forecasting agencies, co-presides for the last 15 years of R3iLab, (Immaterial Innovation for Industry Network). In 2019, she is the guest speaker chosen by the Maison Mode Méditerranée, to give a lecture about the Metamorphosis of Fashion for the 2019 OpenMyMed Festival.

In the heart of the 7 hectares of The Camp, a futurist location similar to Silicon Valley, located between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, is where the 2019 OpenMyMed Festival hosts these conferences on « The Metamorphosis of Fashion in the Mediterranean ». 

Nelly Rodi, creator of one of the largest trend forecasting agencies, and for the last 15 years Co-President of R3iLab, (Immaterial Innovation for Industry Network) and his collaborator Stanislas Vandier, are the 2 guest speakers chosen by the Maison Mode Méditerranée [MMM], to think differently about Fashion in the Mediterranean with the thirty 2019 OpenMyMed Laureates, students, their teachers, professionnals, press and our partners. 

Together they presented the Scenarii 2030 for the Fashion and Textile industry around 3 themes:

  • Are we moving towards a new globalization?
  • Responsible fashion: a new growth driver?
  • Markets: shift of the center of gravity to Asia.

A conference followed with a round table with fashion personalities, experts, and 2019 OpenMyMed Prize fashion designers. A conversation and reflections on the future of the fashion industry and its needs, and new tracks to operate for the audience.

The speakers of this round table:

  • Nelly Rodi
  • Stanislas Vandier
  • Jina Luciani, President of Maison Mode Méditerranée and founder of the Occidente brand, winner of the OpenMyMed Prize 2019
  • Sakina M’sa, MMM administrator, founder of Front de Mode store for an enlightened fashion
  • Cécile Raynal, commercial director of Tajima Europe
  • Luis Carvalho, winner of the 2019 OpenMyMed Prize (Portugal), and winner of the Tajima Europe special prize for the OpenMyMed Prize.

Luis Carvalho took the opportunity to present the result of this last collaboration with our Japanese partner Tajima Europe, who for 4 years has initiated the "creator / industrialist Tajima - OpenMyMed Prize" prize. It allows the world leader in embroidery machines to develop its technical offer to meet a more artisanal demand, expressed today by many creators.


Reportage by France 24

Find all the photos of the conference on our Facebook page - The Camp - ©Baptiste Lequiniou 

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