Nominated in 2016 for the LVMH prize, and winner of the Andam prize in 2019, the designer Christelle Kocher is in 2018 the guest of honor of the OpenMyMed Festival which gives her Carte Blanche for 2 exhibitions and 1 Fashion show in Marseille.

For its third edition, the OpenMyMed Festival, gives to Koché Carte Blanche to express its creative universe and its vision of Marseille, intercultural Mediterranean mosaic, through a series of exhibitions (from 20 June - 29 July 2018) and a Fashion show open to the general public (June 19, 2018).

 "The OpenMyMed festival, supported by the Ministry of Culture, is one of its important actions. A real boosting lever, export and support for fashion designers, it has allow the progression of many brands, ambassadors of French creation internationally. And by promoting exchanges with creators from the rest of the Mediterranean, it is making French fashion grow. The promising house KOCHÉ, which will be in the spotlight of this third edition of the festival, perfectly embodies the richness of these exchanges." Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture and Communication.

Clothes, photos, fashion shows, the worlds of graduates from London’s Central Saint Martins school are cosmopolitan and contrasting. Between couture heritage, urban culture and contemporary art, the clothes she is offering must be comfortable and portable, real projection and not fantasy of women. Mixing the codes of femininity and androgyny, she places particular emphasis on her signature embroidered dresses, specially designed in collaboration with the art houses Lesage, Montex and Lemarié, a subsidiary of the Chanel group, for which she is artistic director. since 2010.

Christelle Kocher expresses her creative universe and her vision of Marseille, a Mediterranean intercultural mosaic, through a double exhibition offered by the curator Anissa Touati who will take place at J1 in partnership with MP2018 "Quel Amour!" And in the windows of the rue de la République, all in collaboration with the collective The Community. Finally, OpenMyMed offers to the designer its very first Cruise show on the performative mode that she likes in the totally new setting : the Danielle Casanova from the shipping company Corsica Linea." 

"This partnership with OpenMyMed is an honor for me because the city of Marseille is a mix of incredible culture, an inspiring and solar city with a unique energy.Christelle Kocher.


Christelle Kocher offers a very personal Carte Blanche at J1, an industrial building on the edge of the Mediterranean, by giving the floor to contemporary visual artists in order to create, a vast workshop, a dialogue between very different disciplines.
The spectator enters it into a space which is a priori empty, called far away by the luminosity of a Grenadine wallpaper by John Armleder and Morgane Tschiember as an invitation to settle in for a drink, to turn around to look at the sea or .. the back of the exhibition. A front-back that recalls fashion shows revealing themselves to the rhythm of a round trip.

On the back side, alternating picture rails are invested as works by Medhi Meddacci, Yann Gerstberger and Lucille Uhlrich, formulating a balance between appearance and disappearance, inside and outside the exhibition space.


For the first time, the OpenMyMed Festival takes place in the historic artery of Republic's street with a series of installations in 5 showcases between reality and fiction to offer to the general public a cosmopolitan exhibition. Five workshops, like a series of immersive and intimate experiences, where the artists Diego Bianchi, Jeff Gibbons and Gregory Ruppe, Morgane Tschiember and Lucille Uhlrich use and combine textile materials, clothes, shoes, fabrics, or recycled objects. They superimpose used or worn objects in layers, giving rise to new artefacts. Between camouflage and make-up, cross-dressing and burial, they offer a reflection on the body, the relationship to its environment, on space and matter, on tradition, identity and hybridization. These showcases echo an installation conceived as a double-sided, in hangar J1.

Exhibition at J1, Republic's street from n°7 to 40


The brand's first Cruise collection take place in a unique and original setting, on the "Danielle Casanova", of the shipping company CORSICA Linea. Presentation of the Koché collection, of a performative nature, made with models identified in "street casting" in Marseille. A declaration of love by the designer for the Cité Phocéenne.



The MMM would like to thank Christelle Kocher and her team (Julien Lacroix, Jean-René Bouton, Delphine Rafferty, Carles Urraca Serra, Morgan Ungar, Ed, Clément Giraud, Harmony, etc...), Corsicalinea and team, Lucien Pagès and team (Jonathan Ros, Anastasia Iarmolenko,...), The Community and team, Sandra Chalinet & Constructa, MJ1 & MP2018 Quel Amour! teams, all the public and private partners, Végétalement Provence and team (Vincent Faraco, Jean-Marc Delabre, Marijke Zijlstra Samb,...), Ora Ito & MaMo, Benjamin Vincent, Jogging - Oliver Amsellem and team, Pernod Ricard & Alice Petitjean, Chérie FM - Béatrice Mari and her team, DGAC, Alexandra Le Garrec & Stéphanie Deshais, Playtime, la société Adronaline, Pastré Grande Bastide, Caroline Hello & her students, Peyrefitte - Susini School, Faustine Martin, Baptiste Lequiniou, Marc-Antoine Serra, Charlotte Lapalus, Luc Clément and Marie Claire's team (Maï-Phi Nguyen, Edith Meni,...), Galeries Lafayette, Julia Jalong and her team, and the MMM team : Pascale Akiki, Coralie Martini, Aurélia Vigouroux, Jocelyn Meire, Sébastien Delente, Jordan Martin and Manon Guinebretière. 


On the occasion of 2018 OpenMyMed Festival, the MMM also produces a collector's edition to consult HERE

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OpenMyMed Festival Teaser shot in Marseille by Kévin El Amrani, Music by Krampf 

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