Simon Porte Jacquemus, born in south of France, loves the colors blue and white, stripes, sun, fruits, circles, life, the 80's and Marseille. Talented creator, he is OpenMyMed Festival guest of honor in 2017, which gives him Carte Blanche for 2 exhibitions and 1 fashion show in Marseille.

A lifelong lover of Marseille, Simon Porte Jacquemus is the OpenMyMed Festival guest of honor in 2017, produced by Maison Mode Méditerranée. For its second edition, the Festival opens him the doors of 2 Museums in Marseille for its Carte Blanche: " Marseille je t'aime ". The OpenMyMed Festival opens the ball with a first double exhibition of JACQUEMUS: “Houses” and “Archives” at [mac] on May 12, 2017 and “Images” at Mucem on May 14, 2017. Again on May 14, Simon Porte Jacquemus delivers a true declaration of love to Marseille through its “Santons de Provence” fashion show, its Spring-Summer 2017 collection, which it presents exceptionally, and for the first time in Marseille on the Place d'Armes in Fort Saint-Jean at Mucem.
In order to share his love for the Phocaean City with as many people as possible, Simon is also producing a book called "Marseille je t'’aime", surrounded by friends, photographers, painters and contemporary artists.

Since the creation of his brand JACQUEMUS in 2009, he catch the attention by his naive and playful aesthetics. By its choice of colors and shapes, sometimes daring proportions, he offers us, from around twenty collections, a playful and poetic creative universe, echoing his native Provence and his culture. His clothes, with sculptural allures and marked identity, between portable reality and conceptual fashion, tell stories, his story. Self-taught, the child from the South "ridden" in Paris, obtained in 2015 the Special Jury Prize of the LVMH Prize and his clothes seduces many international stars today. Since then, JACQUEMUS has continued its ascent and has meet an international commercial success thanks to its poetic narrative creations such as "Les Parasols de Marseille", "Les Santons de Provence" and "L’Amour d’un Gitan"...


Simon Porte Jacquemus specially produces for the [mac] unpublished works inspired by Marseille, the museum and its own collections. For the “Houses” project; he creates his first sculptures by playing on the structure of the circle and the square, his signature. He integrates archives of his collections, staging them in a roundabout way.


For the "Archives" project, Simon Porte Jacquemus has once again teamed up with artist Willi Dorner and photographer David Luraschi to create a patchwork sculpture of archives from all of his collections. A photographic experience imagined by Simon, and this one bring us deep in the human sculpture of the Austrian performer Willi Dorner (the performances "Bodies in urban spaces" by Willi Dorner were the source of inspiration for this unique achievement). The installation is made up with 11 dancers from Julien Lestel's company, in the Calanques National Park in Marseille (protected natural area subject to special regulations).

"I wanted to stage my archives by creating unique pieces connecting Marseille, my work and, I hope, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseille.Simon Porte Jacquemus

At this occasion, he also produces the teaser of the exhibition which gradually reveals the installation of Willi Dorner seen from the sky, in the Calanques National Park in Marseille (protected natural area subject to special regulations); on the original music of "My Father's Glory" by Vladimir Cosma.


In the chapel of Fort Saint-Jean at Mucem, Simon Porte Jacquemus presents everything that inspires him on a daily basis, by presenting hundreds of videos, shapes, colors, creations through a display window of screens arranged in mosaic and inspirations, to make us travel in his privacy.

For the Mucem, I imagined a more playful and direct installation by staging my personal images and inspirations, in a patchwork of real and poetic videos: a flower, a shoe, my cousin, a moment of life. Let the public enter inside my phone." Simon Porte Jacquemus


On May 14, 2017, Simon Porte Jacquemus exceptionally presents at the OpenMyMed Festival, his very first Fashion Showin Marseille, with the collection "Les Santons de Provence", Spring-Summer 2017, at Mucem. The 32 models take the aerial walkway, which connects the architecture of the Mucem imagined by Rudy Ricciotti, to the historic Place d'Armes at Fort Saint-Jean. It will be also the first fashion show in Marseille, produced by MMM, offered to the general public.

"If there is one of my collections that had to be show in Marseille, it is Les Santons de Provence on Marcel Pagnol's land. It was a dream." Simon Porte Jacquemus

Fashion show "Santons de Provence" at Mucem


"I wake up.
I put on a t-shirt and sneakers.
My mother drops me off at the bus stop.
I arrive at Porte d'Aix.
I cross Marseille.
I fell hot on the Corniche.
I buy an Ice Tea from the grocer.
I take off my t-shirt.
I take off my sneakers.
I jump from the rock facing Petit Nice on the Corniche.
I jump and I scream.
I shout "Go OM".
I am happy.
I have sore feet.
I'm happy anyway.
Marseille I love you.


Extract from the book "Marseille je t'aime" n°I  : Simon Porte Jacquemus, with Philippine Chaumont & Agathe Zaerpour, directed by Marion Amadeo. Graphic design : Philippine Chaumont & Agathe Zaerpour. Printing councillor : Michel Abrigo. Edited by JACQUEMUS, April 2017. 

©Virgile Guinard


The MMM would like to thank Simon Porte Jacquemus and his team (Marion Amadeo, Diane Launay, Fabien Joubert, Louis Savary...), Lucien Pagès and his team (Jonathan Ros, Anastasia Iarmolenko,...), the [mac] Thierry Ollat and his team, the Mucem Jean-François Chougnet and his team, all private and public partners, the MaMo Ora Ito and his team, Benjamin Vincent, Philippine Chaumont & Agathe Zerpour, Jogging - Oliver Amsellem and his team, Calanques National Park of Marseille, the DGAC, artists David Luraschi, Willi Dorner & Fouad Bouchoucha, Julien Lestel and his dancers, Alexandra Le Garrec & Stéphanie Deshais, Matthieu Pabiot, Playtime, Premices, Adronaline, IICC Mode Marseille, Tunon School, Jérôme Pantalacci : Art-O-Rama, Amina Agueznay, Guillaume De Sardes : Photomed, photographers Nicolas Comment, Tarek Moukaddem, Charbel Saade Charlotte Lapalus & Faustine Martin, Muriel Piaser, Emmanuelle Simon, Cora Bouvier, Marine Dalmer, Claude Perrier, La Provence & Corse Matin, Aline Moreau, Sandra Moullet, Nathalie Quesson, Végétalement Provence and the team (Vincent Faraco, Jean-Marc Delabre, Marijke Zijlstra Samb,...), Pernod Ricard and Alice Petitjean, Chérie FM - Béatrice Mari and her team, Peyrefitte - Susini School, Gas Bijoux - Olivier Gas, Louis Bompard and his team, and the MMM team : Pascale Akiki, Coralie Martini, Aurélia Vigouroux, Audrey Vidarte, Leila Pelagic, Sébastien Delente, Jordan Martin, Lucie Stern, and Yelena Bouchenaf.


For OpenMyMed 2017, the MMM produces a collector's edition to consult HERE

All the OpenMyMed Festival 2017 photos below:

Fashion show teaser made in Marseille by Olivier Amsellem 

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