Vadi Jewels at the Première Classe trade show


Our M MAJOR  laureate  Vadine Sister (Vadi Jewels) has shown their collection at the Première Classe trade show in Paris,  a unique occasion to meet international buyers, compare with the competition, and provide us with their first impressions. 

Choose one piece form your 2017 Spring-Summer collection which you consider really reflects the Mediterranean, the main theme of Première Classe? 

The pieces in this collection which really reflect the Mediterranean are the gold rope bracelets and chokers whose names  Riviera Azur, Robinson and Riviera are obviously inspired by the Mediterranean. You can easily see yourself wearing them on the beach in summer! 


What do you expect from being at the Première Classe? 

I hoped that at the Première Classe trade show we would find some new points of sale and develop the international side of our business,  which we achieved with new retail outlets in Tel Aviv and in Japan.

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