The commitment of brands and labels in favour of sustainable development


Since February the Kering Group has made it a point of honour that their Fashion Houses commit to the policy of sustainable development.

A very humane initiative, explains Marie-Claire Daveu, the Sustainable Development and International Institutional Affairs Manager "With François-Henri Pinault, we meet with all of the management committees of the labels and the designers with their own teams. This is not only to hear what they have to say, but to have a moment exchanging ideas with them on this theme". She continues, "In November, we will be announcing a new chapter in our commitment to sustainable development. The idea behind these meetings with the Fashion Houses is to see what we can do in terms of this second phase. For us it is an important moment to exchange ideas with the people at the heart of the subject".

The Kering Group are not the only ones undertaking actions concerning this subject, Kaporal, the label from Marseilles and a partner of the MMMM, has launched a Recycling Campaign, offering customers the possibility of leaving their old jeans with them, which, with the help of the Ecole de la Deuxième Chance-Second Chance School, have a second life.

The same goes for the designer Sakina M'Sa, who will be raising the question of sustainable development during the #OPENMYMED event from 19 May.

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