The M MAJOR duo of Charlotte Rekassa and Vadine Sister talking about Itinéraire Mode and the Atelier Oscar boutique


Charlotte Aire & Vadi Jewels

Behind the Atelier Oscar boutique is a remarkable friendship between Charlotte Rekassa (CHARLOTTE AIRE) and Vadine Sister (VADI JEWELS), as well as their common interest in creative experimentation. As the Atelier Oscar is participating in the tenth edition of Itinéraire Mode, our two M MAJOR laureates talk about their past, present and future careers in the fashion world…

How did you two meet?

Vadine: We were students. It was at the very beginning of my label Vadi Jewels and Charlotte made me some jewellery pouches in vintage fabrics.

Charlotte: We had the same attitude towards creativity and quickly became friends.

What is the story behind the Atelier Oscar boutique?

Vadine: I was looking for a place to work from, a workshop, and Charlotte was finishing her studies. When I saw that the Atelier Oscar was available we both jumped at the opportunity as it is an amazing place. It provided us with the possibility of having a boutique-showroom as well as a laboratory-workshop.

Charlotte: It is a place for creative experimentation, shared between two very different yet complementary fashion labels. It was in this boutique-workshop that CHARLOTTE AIRE was created. I started to make a few customised pieces to order, then I developed the Charlotte Aire models, for example the HAMA T-shirt and the one-piece outfits. The place also allows us to get direct feedback from customers, it is very useful and interesting.

What has the Itinéraire Mode event brought you?

Vadine: Itinéraire Mode brought visibility and recognition within a "family" of fashion and fashion designers in Marseilles.

Charlotte: Participating in a major fashion event in Marseilles and the opportunity to be on show in new boutiques. For this tenth edition I was present at GRAND PLAYGROUND at the Docks Village. I made new contacts, some of which could potentially lead to collaborations in the future.

So, what's new?  

Vadine: A substantial increase in the number of retail outlets where my work is on show. For example, the four Léon and Harper boutiques in Paris, the fifteen  Bellerose boutiques, a nice Birdy boutique in Paris, a concept store in Tel Aviv, a boutique in Japan… and that's not all! In terms of design and creation, I am working on a selection of vintage garments which will be available in the Atelier Oscar boutique from the beginning of November, and a capsule collection of jewellery for Christmas.

Charlotte: In terms of retail showcases, thanks to the OPENMYMED space at the WHO’S NEXT trade show in Paris, I managed to get some new points of sale, like with MME BAVARDE at Porto-Vecchio in Southern Corsica, and the new on-line sales site in Paris, LE BAZAR FRANÇAIS. It provides me a presence outside of Marseilles and its surrounding region.

Charlotte Aire & Vadi Jewels

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