The Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts in Beirut has opened its Fashion School in partnership with La Cambre Mode(s)


The Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts in Beirut has created a Fashion School in partnership with La Cambre Mode(s) Fashion School in Brussels, with the first term in September accepting ten students. This event will reinforce the Fashion sector in Lebanon, says Esmod Beyrouth, the head of the fashion institute created by LAU, the Lebanese American University in collaboration with Élie Saab.

Tony Delcampe, the Director of the Fashion Department at the Belgian school, helped with the elaboration of the programme and will participate as a lecturer for the first three years. He is very interested « to see what will happen when you mix the spirit of Beirut as seen on the catwalks, conventional but very feminine, and the Belgium spirit, more conceptual and unconventional. Something good is bound to happen. »

He appointed Emilie Duval to be Head of the School, herself a graduate from La Cambre in 2007. Previously a designer with Dior, Kenzo and Balenciaga, she intends to let the students benefit from her network.

Finally, Rabih Kayrouz, who has been associated with the project since the beginning, will be the guest mentor of the first year of students, who will complete their training and education with the same format as Brussels: a three year course for the Licence/Bachelor's Degree, with a further two years for a Master's Degree. There will be a double diploma at the Master's level, the second being a Degree in Fashion and Textile Metiers Management awarded by the largest university in France, Aix Marseilles University….

We should keep an eye on the talent of these students for our future editions of the Mediterranean Fashion Prize competition!