The Itinéraire Mode for our M MAJOR laureate Charlotte Aire (Charlotte Rekassa)


© Charlotte Lapalus

The first  Itinéraire Mode for our 2016 M MAJOR laureate Charlotte Rekassa - Charlotte Aire is rather intense, with a stop in Aix-en Provence in the concept store Bon'jour and 2 stops in Marseilles, at the  Labo Lifestore and in the  Oscar boutique/workshop she created with Vadi Jewels, another laureate of the  2016 M MAJOR competition. The M MAJOR competition and the Itinéraire Mode, are two actions initiated by the MMMM. They are intended to provide “excellent opportunities to exchange and learn, and at the same time give real visibility to young creators and designers” Charlotte Rekassa emphasises. Itinéraire Mode is also a shopping experience which is very much appreciated by the participating boutiques, like Bon'jour at Aix run by Leslie Cohen who, from the beginning, wanted to be part of the project. "It's fabulous to have the  MMMM helping these young labels to show their creations, and also providing a shopping trip which gives customers the desire and chance to discover new designers! This is important because quite often the customers are shy. We can change their habits by offering them a different form of consumer buying: buying local! All the fashion designers chosen have tremendous potential and the MMMM’s selection process is pertinent. For me this structure is a good reference.

It provides the participating boutiques with the assurance that they will welcome and host quality designers who get involved in their metier, and propose accomplished collections, like Charlotte Aire”.

Bon’jour: 7, Rue Clémenceau. 13100 Aix-en-Provence

Labo Lifestore: 5, Place de la Corderie, 13006 Marseille

Oscar: 36, Boulevard Eugène, 13005 Marseille

Itinéraire Mode takes place from 12 October to 31 December.

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Discover below the complete shopping trip between Aix and Marseilles.

© Charlotte Lapalus

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