Mademoiselle Hecy - Tradition & Inspiration

The Mediterranean wardrobe offers a richness of styles which are continuously reinterpreted by the new fashion scene.  

modern tale with a thousand and one versions which the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM) reveals through 3  Mediterranean laureates, an audacious vision to discover this week. 
Today our Tunisian 2015 OpenMyMed Prize laureates, of the label Mademoiselle Hecy, talk about their inspirations between Tradition and Inspiration. 

  • What are your sources of inspiration? 
     We get inspired by everything that goes on around us. Because we are sensitive to the world around us, it affects us all the time. We express everything that we feel in the materials and colours that touch us. They represent the atmosphere, desires and wishes of the moment.

  • Tradition & Inspiration, how do you interpret this duo? 
     How is your traditional heritage interpreted in your collections?
     We are involuntarily anchored in our traditions. Our point of view and attitude have been educated and developed from this base. Even if we have a vision of the world that is relatively objective and we are totally turned towards it, we realise that, unconsciously, in the creations in our collectionsyou can find cuts and details which are references to our traditions. But they are just suggested and never exaggerated. They are the details that make the difference and give a certain originality based on our traditions, without being overpowering.

  • Could you choose one piece from your collections that interprets this duo?
     For our last collection we created a kimono, the fabric we used was very similar to that used in Tunisia for a man's « Burnous ». Originally worn by the Berbers, it resembles a long sleeveless coat or cloak. With our details in woollen braid, the allusion is even stronger, referring to the thick stitching of the "Bournous", and gives it a wintery look.

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Mademoiselle Hecy - Tradition & Inspiration

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