Sessùn, ambassadress of fashion in Marseille


Emma François ©DR

In 20 years, Emma François, the founder of the label Sessùn, has built in the Phocean City, one of the best success stories in women's fashion.
A signature and a style which has brought a differentiation through her casual approach, her attention to craftsmanship and to details, as well as to the materials she is so fond of. The Sessùn universe extends from Sessùn OUI to accessories, even touches on lifestyle, and invites collaborations with graphic designers, such as Koralie.

Last June, with the capital investment made by Experienced Capital Partners, the investment fund run by Frédéric Biousse, Emmanuel Pradère and Elie Kouby, saw Sessùn start on a new adventure, that of developing its own commercial network, with more than 10 new boutiques opening each year.

Emma François likes Marseilles: « I feel its effect on my quality of my life and in my work. »

The Maison Mode Méditerranée (MMM) is proud of her success, as they have supported her for over 20 years. Her presence on the MMM Board is simply the continuation of this relationship. Sessùn is a label which supports our projects.  

interview 09/12/2017, Marie Claire

Emma François ©DR

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