Romane Petrosino Joaillerie

As part of its OpenMyMed Prize competition the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM), in partnership with Who's Next, is offering a stand at the Première Classe international fashion accessory trade show in Paris to four fashion accessory Laureates of the 2017 edition: Noa-KisArtem AtelierIl était un fil and Romane Petrosino Joaillerie. An essential business experience to help cope with the market; meeting international buyers and getting orders! 
We continue this week dedicated to the Première Classe fashion accessory trade fair with an interview with Romane Petrosino Joaillerie, the costume jewellery designer and creator in Marseilles being the label; she has just turned 22 years old.

What is your most important piece from your 2018 Spring-Summer collection for summer 2018?
For the time being all the collections I have presented have the same DNA so they are not seasonal. But the most important piece to me remains the Savage Star ring, a band of 9 carat pink gold set with a rough black diamond.

What do you expect to achieve at the Première Classe Paris fashion accessory trade fair? What are your objectives here?
For the time being my collections are only sold online. I receive more and more demands to have a physical point of sale, and would like to respond to them all. So I hope to expand my distribution network. Any result here would be good for me as this is my first trade fair.

What news do you have and what projects are you working on?
I am working on a strategy for selective distribution, and have fixed certain criteria corresponding to my positioning in terms of localisation, price, selection and image. I also have a number of projects in progress. For example, soon I will be doing a photo-shoot for the visuals for a campaign with a major brand, but I can't say any more at the moment...

One of your pieces was selected for the 'trends forum' in the Gallery Store. What can you tell us about this piece?
The Savage Star necklace in 9 carat pink gold with a very fine chain with 0.8mm diameter links. I found that the juxtaposition of something so delicate supporting a 2.5 carat rough black diamond was very interesting; the contrast of very rough material with the finesse of the pink gold.
The feel of this piece and wearing it is quite special and agreeable, due to this mix of sensations. That is why this necklace has the adjective Savage in its name, like the other collections, as it is about mixing raw materials with delicate materials whilst retaining finesse and discretion.

Romane Petrosino Joaillerie

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