Review of the Cycle des Rencontres de la Mode


Today is the second day of "fashion contacts" for our students; they will get to meet two very different personalities with two very different stories to tell!

Olivier GAS -

The GAS story is primarily about Marseilles and jewellery full of sunshine down the generations.

A story of a family bringing together different feelings about their metier with different inspirations, making the company a jewellery brand of exception.

The recipe? A skilful mastery of the metier both in terms of creative know-how and marketing.  During the last decade Oliver and Marie Gas, the children, joined their parents in the company and brought with them their expertise in terms of creativity, marketing and communication.

The GAS story is primarily the human adventure of a close knit group, working together with the same passion.

Eric Ammar -

Wide-eyed and curious, the students change universe and subject matter in the afternoon, with an experienced businessman. 

Eric Ammar had untypical beginnings, and is now an experienced CEO. But more importantly he is someone who is passionate about what he does. With him, you don't speak about fashion, but about textiles; not about brands, but mass market retailing; not workshops but factory production units.

Eric Ammar's story is simply fascinating: distribution circuits, cost price, internationalisation and segmentation.

Using his company Gil Claude for examples, the CEO explains what goes on in the background of the clothing world, but also provides his own vision of the sector.

Méliné Jamakorzian, first year student on the Masters 1 Degree Course in Fashion and Textile Metiers

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