Recognition for the Mediterranean Fashion Prize (MFP) competition


The 10 laureates of the 2015 Mediterranean Fashion Prize (MFP) competition have been invited to show their creations in the Zone of Laureates on the 1st Floor of the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris, from 11 April to 6 June.

This is an important recognition for this young competition, which celebrates its 6th anniversary with an invitation to the Zone of Laureates. An international event in a large Parisian department store will put the spotlight on the stylistic identity of the Mediterranean.

The laureates present will be:

Ali Drissi, Atelier Bartavelle, Bashaques, Cabeceo, Charles & Ron, David Catalan , Mademoiselle Hecy, Stella and Lori, Say My Name and Rula Galayini.