As part of the NikeLab summer series, the kit manufacturer has once again called on the Creative Director of Givenchy, but this time to develop a range of NikeLab x RT clothes:  Training Redefined.  Available in shops this week.

Riccardo Tisci has already worked with Nike in 2014, when he revisited Nike Air Force 1 RT trainers.  This time it was to design a range of sports shoes and clothing.

The commercialisation is planned in two phases, as the two sportswear collections have two different styles and aesthetics, while at the same time incorporating the creativity of Tisci and Nike's clothing technology.

For the first collection, Tisci has used his signature palette of colours, being back and white, to provide a definitely monochrome look. Whereas the second collection includes bright colours, with kaleidoscopic and floral prints.  The floral motifs are inspired by the flora of the State of Oregon, where Nike was born, also from the Italian town of Tarente for Tisci, and from Rio de Janeiro, where the Olympic Games will take place in a few weeks time.

This year's Olympic Games have also been the inspiration to use Nike's innovative technology. Tisci has used the Dri-FIT and Flyknit technologies with high performance designs, to create a modern and bold silhouette providing at the same time a high level of comfort.

Concerning the complementarity of the collections, NikeLab's Design Director, Jarrett Reynolds, commented:  « This collection represents a new way of thinking for Riccardo.  It is designed around performance, a new territory for him.  But that is the good thing about such collaboration. We can help Ricardo penetrate the world of sports performance, which is our area or expertise.  Also, Riccardo's vision has driven our collection to a level that we could never have achieved without him.»

The first phase of the capsule collection with the NikeLab x RT:  Training Redefined label, will be in the shops on 7 July, and the second phase in August.


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