After La Galerie d'Architecture in Paris, now it's the turn of the Villa Méditerranée to host Archiméditerranéenne, an exhibition which retraces the work of the architect Corinne Vezzoni through eight of her most emblematic projects and realisations. She was awarded the 2015 Woman Architect Prize and did us the honour of accepting to be a member of the jury for the 2016 OpenMyMed Prize competition.

Light, insertion into existing history, material coherence, working in depth, are all elements which describe the work of the renowned architect Corinne Vezzoni.
« Vezzoni » works, Marseilles is full of it. There is the « Pavillon d’or » at the Faculty of Medicine Timone campus, the Conservation and Resources Centre at the MuCEM, Halls 1 and 4 at Marseille-Provence airport and many others... All these projects contribute to the modernisation of our Phocaean City. If she received the « 2015 Woman Architect Prize » with typical modesty, as well as the many other awards given to her firm of Architects, on 13 July 2016 this arlésienne woman from the city of Arles was honoured as a Knight of the Légion d’honneur by the Senator Mayor of Marseilles Jean-Claude Gaudin. A celebration of her career and recognition of the work of women in our society.

Villa Méditerranée, Esplanade du J4
"Archiméditerranéenne" 24th February - 26th March.