Our Euro-Mediterranean fashion designers and creators in Marseilles for their Fashion Booster Campus


The Maison Mode Méditerranée welcomed the 13 Laureates of the OpenMyMed Prize Competition to Marseille for a week, from 25 to 30 June, for their Fashion Booster Campus. Since 2010, these mentoring sessions target the 3 fundamental needs of young labels, namely Marketing, Commerce and Communication, and are given by international experts. This year the experts included: Muriel Piaser, international business development; Jayne Estève-Curé, brand identity; Olivier Védrine, stage design; and Aurélia Vigouroux, digital identity. The aim of these mentoring sessions is to work with and support the young creators and fashion designers in their international development, while making sure that their 360° brand image is coherent.

Over the week the Laureates defined their identity along with its physical and digital forms. In parallel they experienced a Fashion innovation workshop with Tajima Europe, the Japanese company specialising in industrial embroidery, managed by Franck Raynal. Tajima gave their special prize to the Portuguese fashion designer Luis Carvalho, who, by the end of September will present an embroidery project which will then be realised as a prototype in the group's workshops in Milan, as happened with Okhtein in 2017. To close the week, a Fashion Talk was given by our Carte Blanche guest fashion designer Christelle Kocher, which created discussions on the themes of creating and producing.

Link to all the visuals of the Fashion Booster Campus HERE


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