OpenMyMed Prize 2020-21 : VOTE NOW


After studying all the applications received from the 21 OpenMyMed Prize countries (Albania, Algeria, Cyprus, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Egypt, Spain, France, Greece, Israël, Italia, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro, Portugal, Senegal, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turquey..), Our committee of experts has pre-selected 25 creators for you for which we ask you to vote, and choose the 13 laureates of the 2020-21 edition of OpenMyMed Prize !

 Here is the list of the 25 creators:

1/ Flore Girard de Langlade

2/ Les Lyonnes

3/ Mlle 3D

4/ Numa Figuccia

5/ Quoï Alexander

6/ Roman Raibaudi

7/ Studio Clandestin

8/ Tata Christiane


1/ Marija Kulusic - Croatie

2/ Reform - Egypte

3/ Esparta - Espagne

4/ Melissanthi Spei - Grèce

5/ Yoster – Israël

6/ Darin Hachem - Italie

7/ Ahmed Amer - Liban

8/ Renaissance – Liban

9/ Bahaar - Maroc

10/ Hamza Guelmouss - Maroc

11/ Rhita Créations - Maroc

12/ Estelita Mendonca - Portugal

13/ Katty Xiomara - Portugal

14/ Romzy - Sénégal

15/ Ali – Tunisie

16/ Nathalie - Tunisie

17/ Lug Von Siga - Turquie

Your e-vote is important because it will complete the one of our international e-jury.

We therefore invite you now to go vote on our Facebook page and select the 13 finalists who will be announced on February 5th, 2020on our social networks.

Each winner will receive a personalized support through the MMM Fashion Academy which will take place in Marseille in June 2020, and in Paris in 2021. 

This endowment is estimated at an approximate value of € 45,000 per winner for 2 years.


 The 25 candidates in key words :

 - 70% women, 30% men

 - average age of 32

 - 95% graduates from higher education,

 - 75% of RTW brands and 25% of accessories

 - 30% of French brands, and 70% of brands outside France

 - 95% integrate into their brand one of the sustainable development processes (craft, slow production, taking care of the planet, give-back, ...)

 - and they bring together more than 150,000 followers on Instagram.


 Here’s a reminder of the voting conditions:

 • only likes on our Facebook page are counted, likes on a shared publication are taking into consideration ;

 • each voter must also like our Facebook page and our Instagram account;

 • online voting by the general public are completing our official international jury votes. 

The e-vote is open from January 20th to the 31st, 2020 and you can now support your preferred candidate.

The list of the 13 finalists will be announced on February 5th, 2020 on our social networks.

Go vote now !