OpenMyMed Prize 2020-21 : Les Lauréats


Our jury, enlarged to 36 international members and made up of figures from all elements of the fashion industry in more than 5 countries, and the vote of the general public, have selected the 13 new Laureates of the 2020-21 OpenMyMed Prize. They will have a new programme lasting two years, rather than one, for their support package, which will be more thorough and sustainable. Representing 9 countries from around the Mediterranean and from Africa, these young entrepreneurs from the fashion and fashion accessories industries will participate in the MMM FASHION ACADEMY, taking place from 15 to 19 June 2020 in Marseilles, a city whose urban ecology is dominated by the sea,  and in Paris in June 2021.


Marija Kulusic: winner of an Elle style award in Croatia, in the Best Young Fashion Designer category

Reform Studio: winner of the ADC Award in New York, in the Sustainable Fashion category

FRANCE (Marseille)
-Flore Girard de Langlade: Graduated from the HEAD Geneva, designer of a capsule collection for "La Redoute", the French multi-channel retailer
-Mlle 3D: a graduate of the International Institute for Creation and Fashion Sewing in Marseilles, in fashion design-designer sewing-computer graphics design
-Tata Christiane: Showrooms in Paris, Berlin and Tokyo

FRANCE (Paris)
Quoï Alexander:  a graduate of the Central Saint Martins School in London, in Fashion Design Womenswear

Melissanthi Spei: a graduate of the London College of Fashion, in Fashion Artefacts

Darin Hachem: a graduate of the Institut Marangoni in Milan, in Fashion Design

-Ahmed Amer:a graduate of the Beirut Creative Space, in Fashion design
-Renaissance: a graduate of the Central Saint Martins School and the Royal College of Art in London

Katty Xiomara: a graduate of Modatex, in Fashion Design

Romzy: Opened Dakar Fashion Week

Ali: a graduate of the Modeschule Brigitte Kehrer Mannheim in Germany, in Fashion Design


Since 2010, the MMM has worked closely with the Laureates and numerous experts to put together a DATA BASE which helps them analyse the quality of their support packages over the years, so that they are permanently evolving and improving. This helps the MMM develop and propose new approaches to such training, as now provided in the framework of the MMM Fashion Academy. Today, 95% of the 2020-21 OpenMyMed Prize Laureates, have, as part of their identity, a sustainable or eco-friendly process, such as: an artisanal craft, cultural identity, slow production, respecting the environment, or giving back. A reality which is essential for all the actors in the fashion industry: fashion designers, couturiers, industrialists and distributors.

After having consulted with the relevant Board Directors, Jina Luciani, President of the MMM, asked Ali Rakib to be in charge of MMM Fashion Academy. He is an expert with the double skills of anthropology and developing young companies involved in sustainable development. He teaches at Science-Po, the Paris Institute of Political Studies, Central St-Martins School in London, the French Fashion Institute (IFM) in Paris, at IESA the Arts and Culture School in Paris, and at the CASA93 Alternative Fashion School in Paris. He is the founder of the company FORWEAVERS, promoting the fair trade of rare textiles from around the world, and is also a consultant for UNESCO.

In the framework of the MMM Fashion Academy, Ali Rakib will propose with the help of his team of experts and international fashion consultants specialising in business sustainability management, and digital marketing, a different style of support package, outside of the classic formats. An innovative programme which will adapt to the Laureates' experience, creativity, geographic location, singularity, and their sustainable and eco-friendly approach. The objective is to support them in the development of their brands and labels, taking into consideration the new challenges of tomorrow's fashion world, and help them put in place a new business model.

This new support package has the backing of the Maison Chanel, the LVMH Group, Kaporal, Gas Bijoux, and McArthurGlen, and includes a collaboration "fashion designer/industry" provided by the Japanese company Tajima,  the top manufacturer of industrial embroidery machines, and a partner of the MMM for the last 5 years. One of the Laureates will participate in « Tajima Fashion Tech » with the object of making a unique piece of embroidery in Tajima International'sworkshops in Milan.

A new chapter opens in the development of the MMM, an institution created 30 years ago by Maryline BELLIEUD-VIGOUROUX, with a revised team following the internal reorganisation of the management and the Executive Board. In order to succeed with the orientation of its different projects, such as Education  & Training, the OpenMyMed Prize, and the OpenMyMed Festival, the MMM will rely on a specific group of active experts, made up of 10 Board Members.