Marie-Agnès Albertini's fashion design trajectory


Les Midinettes (1) © Charlotte Lapalus

Marie-Agnès Albertini graduated with a diploma in design fashion design and garment prototyping from the IICC fashion school in 2006. She then continued her training with Pako Litto in the South of France, then in Paris at the Stella Cadente fashion studio.. She created the label Les Midinettes in 2011, with clothing and dress codes inspired by a character she has been drawing since she was a child. A mischievous impish universe, beautiful, magic and colourful, collections with retro inspirations, and a fashion design trajectory which she shares here.

Fashion and the Mediterranean: How would you define your Mediterranean-ness? 

My Mediterranean-ness is based around the fact that everything is made in Marseilles: from the choice of fabrics to production in my workshop or in others that I work with. I find it more reassuring and appealing to be close to my production chain and that each product has a real Phocaean traceability. 

What has the M Major competition brought you?

Winning the competition helped me a lot in terms of visual media support. It is an area where I lack sufficient funds to have satisfactory results. So, when the MMMM gave me access to  quality photoshoots, particularly for the 16-17 A/W  previews and the fashion spreads in the written press, it was an unexpected bonus. 

What is your flagship piece?

My first flagship piece is the skater skirt  from my 13-14 A/W collection, baptised: "retrovisor" and it has lasted through all the following seasons. It has the silhouette of a little illustrated character that is in fact at the origin of the label. For the last two seasons, however, it's the apron dress which has become the  "flagship model", which also comes in a trouser-combi for my bride models.

Has the internet changed your relationship with fashion?

The internet has obviously changed my vision of fashion, and it is my most important communications and marketing support.  

Les Midinettes (1) © Charlotte Lapalus

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