Mademoiselle Socialite and Espigas, two 2016 laureates of the M MAJOR competition, will be at the 7th Fashion Day in Algeria


On the occasion of the latest Fashion Day in Algeria, the ready-to-wear label Mademoiselle Socialite and the must-have espadrilles of Espigas, two Marseilles Laureates, will show their latest collections. 

This 7th edition takes place from 26 to 28 May at Oran, Algiers and Annaba, three towns on the Mediterranean coast, but also inland at Constantine and Tlemcen.

This ineluctable rendezvous of Mediterranean fashion provides an excellent occasion to discover both local and international creativity, through round tables, exhibitions, films, and of course catwalk shows.

These two labels from Marseilles will benefit from a regional and multicultural influence and reputation, the very DNA of the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM).

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