Susana Lopes (Susana Bettencourt) ©DR & Muriel Piaser ©Anne Loubet

The new wave of Mediterranean fashion designers has responded overwhelmingly to the 2017 7th edition of the OpenMyMed Prize competition. It is also a success story for our partners who, each year, help us improve the support package given to these young designers, to better meet their requirements, needs and expectations.

Today we focus on Muriel Piaser, a Global Fashion Developer Consultant and member of the MMMM's team of Fashion Experts.

Director of exhibitions at the « Prêt-à-porter de Paris » ready-to-wear trade fair for more than 15 years in France, but also in New-York and Tokyo, Muriel Piaser helps the laureates with their international development strategies.
Her rich experience brings real added value to young designers looking to  increase their label's market scope and expansion outside the Mediterranean area.

This year the OpenMyMed Prize laureates will benefit from her expertise through:

  • a Master Class on  « International business development & Promotion Buyers process » , for a group of 20 laureates;
  • individual mentoring for those laureates participating in the Who’s Next trade fair in Paris;
  • six months of individual mentoring in « International Development » for a selected laureate: Susana Bettencourt

Muriel Piaser has respect for the new designers with whom she will be sharing her skills and know-how:
« I am very pleased to be able to help an OpenMyMed Prize laureate develop a targeted local and international strategy based on 3 main points: « Advice on international affairs » -Essentially concentrating on the creation and use of collection plans, pricing and the format of a lookbook,  « Advice in terms of Fashion » - With my vision and experience in being trend conscious in terms of both the French and international ready-to-wear markets. Targeting strategic consumers to put in place the laureate's own sales and distribution strategy to convince « Buyers » - Fitting in with the targeted market's requirements in terms of the buying process once the collection season is over ». 

More information on the laureate support package here

Susana Lopes (Susana Bettencourt) ©DR & Muriel Piaser ©Anne Loubet

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