MMMM shares Sessùn’s success


20 years after the brand was founded in Marseille by Emma François and discovered and followed by the Mediterranean Institute for Fashion-related Professions (Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode, or MMMM) it has taken flight, becoming an established presence on the international fashion scene—a triumph connected in no small way to the role of the MMMM, as Emma François sits on its Board of Directors and is one of its patrons.

It will soon open a new boutique dedicated to its capsule collections. Located at 32 rue de Charonne, this 70 m2 space will adjoin the historic boutique and accommodate the Marseille designer brand’s capsule fashion collections, as well as a selection of very rare, limited-run lifestyle, artisanal, and decorative objects and accessories. A completely different concept, this pop-up store is independent from the first Parisian boutique, being neither an extension of it nor a secondary showcase, but a truly complementary space.

The architecture of the space was designed by the NP2F architectural firm, nominated for the 2015 European Union Mies Van de Rohe Prize for Contemporary Architecture.

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