MMM Success Story: Robin El Koubi


Robin El Koubi ©Margaux

A 26 year old graduate from the Axe Sud Higher School of Graphic Arts and Visual Communications in Marseilles, Robin El Koubi is a photographer and video maker. He is part of the generation of creative artists in Marseilles which is rapidly becoming well known.


When he was younger, he discovered the work of the Italian graphic artist and author Milo Manara, which developed Robin's interest in 'The Image' and 'Women'. His family is also passionate about fashion. It includes the shoe brand 'Jean-Pierre' which has become an institution for several generations of children and parents. His mother also manages a boutique with designer names, where, when he was younger, he passed most of his time. Robin took a degree course in conception and graphic design at Axe Sud, an MMM partner training school.

It was during the course that he leaned the art of photography. When he graduated, he formed the  « cinqcentquarante » visual creation studio, with his long-time friend Max Fortin. Nowadays Robin's work is easily identified through his sensual approach, which completely reflects his personality, and is a mix of the highlights and important events of his childhood.

Relationship with the Maison Mode Méditerranée (MMM)

When he founded his visual creation studio, the MMM decided to take a chance and give him one of his first jobs: participating in the organisation of a fashion exhibition during the first edition of the OpenMyMed Festival in 2016. He worked closely with the couturier Yacine Aouadi, who was the Festival's guest of honour, to make the exhibition's visual elements. He followed the Yacine Aouadi to Paris fashion week for the presentation of his Haute Couture collection, taking photographs backstage. He also made around ten video clips of young fashion designers from Marseilles who were supported by the MMM.

Getting known

The MMM increased its activities with the photographer/video maker, and he developed other contracts around Europe. After a photo shoot of the new collection by Kulte, with the teams of Matthieu Gamet, whom he met at the MMM, the HVH production agency gave him some major contracts, including a campaign with American Vintage, which is represented on the Board of the MMM. Other projects followed, for example with La Croix rouge, Kering, Azzaro, etc…

In parallel, as his reputation grew through these new contracts, he drew the attention of Parisian labels, like Tara Jarmon, which didn't hesitate to trust him. He was also noticed by the communications agency ADESIAS, which gave him more business. Together they developed new projects in Paris, and because of this partnership he also had new opportunities nationwide. It is worth noting that, working with the agency, he made a documentary in Martinique for the TV channel Canal+.

A Marseilles success story for this artist. We are keeping our eye on him as he has not finished surprising us with even more new projects. Today, as well as co-managing his studio in the 6th District in Marseilles, he has been appointed Creative Director for the label 'Libertador', following his meeting with the fashion designer and creator of the label, Daniel Benmaor.

Robin El Koubi ©Margaux

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