Mademoiselle Hecy à Panorama Berlin

Tunisian laureates of the  OPENMYMED PRIZE competition in the 2015 MFP category, Hend Gasmi & Cyrine Faillon, creators and designers of the label Mademoiselle Hecy, present their 2017/18 Autumn-Winter collection at the Panorama Berlin Fashion Trade Show, thanks to a partnership put in place by the MMMM. Discover their careers so far, up to Berlin. 

1.) Why are you participating in the Panorama Berlin Trade Show and what are your objectives here?
We are participating in the Panorama Berlin Fashion Trade Show to have the possibility of showing our collections, our cuts and fabrics, and to get our label known.
Our objectives being here are to develop our points of sale.

2.) You were laureates of the OPENMYMED PRIZE competition in the 2015 MFP category. What did you get from your year with the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM)?
The OPENMYMED PRIZE year was very beneficial for us, and we acquired a lot of experience.  We have repositioned our label, we are more objective, and we have revisited our collection plans. We also developed the image of our label and the MMMM gave us the possibility of being more visible on the international market.

3.) Since then, what are your projects, what are you doing now? What development strategy did you have?
Since the MMMM year we have participated several times in Tunis Fashion Week. We have reorganised our boutique relative to our positioning, and restructured our production workshop.
One of our projects is to develop an online shop for the international market, and we also hope to find other points of sale.
We are thinking about increasing our production and communications by finding an investment fund that will help concretise our objectives more quickly.

Visit the trade show here 

Mademoiselle Hecy à Panorama Berlin

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