M Major, the fashion career path of Vadi Jewels' Vadine Sister


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An '80s girl, Vadine Sister designs jewellery with a mix of rock and delicacy for her label Vadi Jewels which she created in 2010. Made in the Oscar workshop in Marseilles, the jewellery pieces are designed to last, in a mix of raw and precious materials. Vadine Sister subtlely combines different materials and ideas, which is the guiding principle of her fashion design trajectory.

Fashion and the Mediterranean: How would you define your Mediterranean-ness?

I would define my Mediterranean-ness as being something that is obvious, something that is innate, a second skin. Mediterranean blue is an obsession which is regularly present in the collections. The Mediterranean either has a muted or concrete presence in my collections…

What has the M Major competition brought you?

The M Major brought the label some professional support, which helped the label to assert itself, to organise its structure, so that we could develop in the right way and progress and move forward. On top of that the M Major brought us visibility; it was a real chance for us to have that sort of support and tutoring.

What is your flagship piece?

For this season I would say the padmini necklaces, set with Onyx gemstones, moonstones, or Lapis Lazuli. 

Has the internet changed your relationship with fashion?

Completely, everything goes much quicker, and everything is possible. The internet opens up limitless perspectives, a fantastic opportunity to be open to the world.

But I have noticed and feel a definite need to get back to the essentials. The fact that things go so quickly, push you to find some sense in all of it, and to put people at the centre of what you do. I think that there is a desire to get back to basics and our roots. Getting back to the sort of fashion our grandparents had, or even our parents, slow fashion, more about quality, handmade with love, care and attention, unique.  This sort of return is necessary and logical. It is obviously in response to Fast Fashion and disposable fashion, which are slowly becoming obsolete.




© Charlotte Lapalus

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