M Major, Valérie Lefevre's fashion career path


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The creative duo Valérie Lefevre and Patrick Zen head up the label Zelda Zang. They imagine collections inspired by the bringing together of 3 elements, earth, sun and wind. They revisit Mediterranean nature where simplicity sublimates the lines of the feminine body. Present since 2014 at Bijorhca Paris, the international jewellery and watches trade show, and also a M Major laureate, the duo reveals their fashion career path.

Fashion and the Mediterranean: How would you define your Mediterranean-ness?

Zelda Zang is a label that is anchored in Marseilles and its story began here. The first collections were inspired by the movements of nature, and it is not by pure chance that the themes chosen at that time were earth, sun and wind. Marseilles offers and provides designers a form of serenity which is found nowhere else. 

The sun enlightens us a little more? Without a doubt. 

What has the M Major competition brought you?

The M Major competition provided the Zelda Zang label what all designers want at the beginning of their career: support and assistance, but most of all that their talent is recognised and acknowledged. 

All designers when they start off have to come to terms with self-doubt. Being a laureate in 2016 allowed us to take a giant step forward. 

The M Major? without a doubt "nous on M"... [on aime... we love it]

What is your flagship piece? 

From the beginning Zelda Zang chose the Heart model as their flagship piece. 

It was a natural choice for us, with no discussion, it was obvious. 

This design made up of two interlaced hearts, will soon be used as the label's pictogram.

Has the internet changed your relationship with fashion?

How did we exist before? That is the reply we usually give when people ask us about the internet. Zelda Zang created a website which has allowed us not only to promote and sell our jewellery on a national and international scale but also to get feedback and be contacted by potential national and international customers.

© Charlotte Lapalus

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