M Major, Charlotte Rekassa's fashion career path


© Charlotte Lapalus

Pure lines and colours inspired by the Mediterranean, the « couture clothing » of the fashion designer Charlotte Rekassa for her label Charlotte Aire, charms and delights by its timeless vision of the feminine wardrobe. A graduate of the ICC Fashion School in Marseilles, and a laureate of the M Major competition, this young fashion designer, who gained valuable experience working at Sessùn, is 100% Made in Marseille. She shares her fashion career path with us.

Fashion and the Mediterranean: How would you define your Mediterranean-ness?

I love the sea, the sun and the lifestyle we have in the "Sud" [South of France]; laid-back and relaxed, always with a smile, on a scooter which wind in my hair. My favourite colour is navy blue, which is the colour of the sea and for me a real source of inspiration; it's always different... at each hour of the day. I like the colours and the vegetation you get in the calanques rocky inlets. Really wild.

I always have stripes in my collections, with the marinière striped cotton T-shirt, or the Striped Body, to add a touch of Marine/Navy/Mediterranean.

NB: I also love the Mediterranean for its cuisine as well as its landscapes and lifestyle!

What has the M Major competition brought you?

The M Major competition has clearly given me a boost as well as motivation. It helps promote my label and supports its development. It makes me want to go even further. It is very enriching to share experiences with the other laureates. We have a good time together at the MMMM events.

What is your flagship piece?

The jumpsuit with backless design which you can wear during the day or for a night out. It's both relaxed and sexy at the same time. Or the close fitting body with a plunging V neckline and back. 

Has the internet changed your relationship with fashion?

The internet allows me to be better informed more quickly concerning the fashion world. Now you can see the catwalk shows live on the social networks. As far as I am concerned, it gives me more visibility. It is a good means of communication and promotion.

© Charlotte Lapalus

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