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In 2010 Isabelle Letouche launched her accessories label KODD[E]S with the aim of bringing closer together the two countries which are dear to her, namely South Africa for its skills and know-how, and France for its « French Touch » spirit. Each KODD[E]S piece is handmade using rare hides and leathers, mixing Tradition with Modernity, Luxury and Ethnicity, with a style that is naturally chic, for both women and men. A contemporary and audacious vision which Isabelle Letouche shares in her fashion design trajectory.

Fashion and the Mediterranean: How would you define your Mediterranean-ness?

Without a doubt, what the Mediterranean means to Kodd[e]s is expressed in the way we integrate a sort of multiculture, a métissage melting pot in the pieces we propose. My label is characterised by an effortless natural elegance, which is often the mark of people from the "Sud" [South of France]!

Similarly, both Kodd[e]s and the Mediterranean have the particular capacity to see further than the coastline and even over the seas! Kodd[e]s joins together coasts which are a long way apart, those of France and South Africa, my two special countries!

Finally, Kodd[e]s is located in the Mediterranean region, at Aix-en-Provence, which is also the birthplace of the relaxed chic style found all along the Côte d’Azur.

What has the M Major competition brought you?

First of all, a much appreciated recognition in the difficult sector of fashion, where women have to know how to do everything! And obviously the mentoring and tutoring helped a lot, discussing, exchanging ideas, and the  inter-personal skills you develop. Also the cherry on the cake; I remember how amazing it was to visit and discover Chanel's craftsmanship workshops at Pantin in Paris. It was a much appreciated surprise. The M MAJOR also means visibility in terms of communication and public relations which help develop our marketing. For example, the MMMM will soon do a photoshoot of our new collection which will appear in the press in a Grazia and Toutma.

What is your flagship piece? 

The KIM by Kodd[e]s, it's my first love, and the piece that started it all! A 24h bag with Springbok hide, the DNA of the label. It has become emblematic thanks to our male and female customers who also fell in love with it! Elegance, Modernity, ethno chic ! To make sure it remains unique and appealing, each version is more attractive than the last!

Has the internet changed your relationship with fashion?

Yes of course, certainly, it's a complement that you have to include in our new ways of functioning. You have to analyse what's available and see how we can use it relative to our respective positionings. A new challenge for 2017 ! We have already moved into 1st gear.

No doubt the M Major will help me discover the rest.




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