Let the fashion networking cycle begin!


During these three days, students in the two-year Master’s Degree programme in Fashion and Textile Industry (among others) will have the privilege of meeting with various chief executives of companies in the sector.  The programme includes accounts of experience, exchanges, and confidences.  This will be an opportunity to show you a bit about the world these trend-setters inhabit.

To start off the morning: Jean François Rey 

Jean François Rey, in a few words, is a designer who has turned the optical industry on its ear with his modern and unique quirkiness.  He has combined a style and aesthetic appeal that were previously nowhere to be found in the world of eyeglasses, so much so that he has transformed an everyday visual aid into a true fashion accessory.  Today he has four high-performing and complementary lines that have enabled him to enchant a diverse and varied targeted client base both in France and abroad.  It is a success story born between the Jura and Marseille, marked by a signature style and a distinct taste for innovativeness, but above all by its quality, which has made Jean François Rey a true driving force in the spectacle market. 

To keep us going: Valentine Gauthier 

Valentine Gauthier originally intended to become an environmental engineer.  During her studies, realising the true depths of her passion, she gave everything up to dedicate herself to what she really wanted to do: work in design.  In 2007 she founded her own eponymous line of clothing and accessories, pieces marked by a unique style and a balance between graphic printing and inspiration drawn from Marseille, for a look that is urban, elegant, and ethical all at once.

Méliné Jamakorzian, year 1 Master’s student in Fashion and Textile Industry