Les Midinettes with Openmymed at Who’s Next


Les Midinettes - M Major

In the framework of the M MAJOR competition, the fashion designer Marie-Agnès Albertini (Les Midinettes) had been invited by Who’s Next to show her label's work in the space dedicated to Openmymed. This was a unique occasion to present the label's capsule collection of ready-to-wear bridal gowns and dresses for weddings to international buyers, compare with the competition, and provide us with her first impressions. 

Choose one piece form your 2017 Spring-Summer collection which you consider really reflects the Mediterranean, the main theme of Who’s Next?

The Ysance Model, a short one-piece outfit, open at the sides. It is the most Mediterranean because of its black colour and its slightly destructured line, leaving the legs bare.

What do you expect from being at the Who’s Next?

The aim is to profit from the visibility provided by the Openmymed space and the reputation of the trade show, which lends credibility to my label. I presented my first bridal gowns and dresses for weddings capsule collection with a range of accessible one-piece outfits. A new concept that I would like to show to my existing customers and new contacts.

Les Midinettes - M Major

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