L’itinéraire Mode des Docks Village

The Itinéraire Mode experience of Docks Village


Baleine Aurora © Thomas Monin

Full of life, voted best shopping centre in the world, the Docks Village offers an Itinéraire Mode experience 365 metres long with 3 concept stores hosting our young creative designers. The Lifestore, Le diable Méridien, and GrandPlayground talk about their selections…

Lifestore : 
A Concept Store dedicated to young designers, initiated by the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM), the Lifestore supports the new generation of local fashion designers. It is run by Julien Florès, who also has his own label j’ai épouse une perle. He talks about his Itinéraire Mode experience.
Why participate in Itinéraire Mode?
I like the idea of a shopping experience being where young fashion designers are alongside more established labels. This shopping experience provides visibility to young fashion designers who will be tomorrow's major players. 
Which labels have you selected? 
OCCIDENTE: an MMMM label with a very refined lingerie collection, radiantly feminine !
Lila Jeanne: something sparkling that I dreamed about when I wanted to be an actor, which Séverine and her partner both put into their creations.
NO SEASON ATELIER: Léa is a young fashion designer I discovered on the MMMM website. I was amazed by her innovative vision and approach towards making clothes. 
Ruban rouge: is very successful with their best selling ships anchor design and  the new latticework cuff bracelet.  
MY JEWELER IS W: I was very impressed by their collection of band bracelets. 
Les méduses vertes: a high quality leather goods collection of beautiful reptilian bags.
The Stockholm Syndrome: a collection of very sexy outfits, lots of conversations on style and something extra special, that's what I like about Louise. I think she makes me experience the Stockholm syndrome myself! 
PERL B: a particular accent, glamorous and good looking bags to use every day.
MANON MARTIN: I was interested in promoting her line of swimwear with finishings which are absolutely perfect for this winter, coupled with pretty and poetic accessories, like scarves, bags and soft hats.
13 à l'aise: a local Lifestyle collection.
NOËLLE PRATICCI-ROUX: a very intense emotion seeing her creations, followed by a very moving discussion. The Lifestore's latest recruit !
J'ai épousé une Perle: it's my label. My whole past is in every piece of jewellery I make...

Le Diable Méridien 
Le Diable Méridien offers an eclectic selection of heterogeneous objects which reflect skills and know how, favourites from fair trade, as well as new local designers, such as Massalia, Bird Song, Le Sellier, Ligne Aurore, Adieu Ma Jolie, Jalan Joe, Sacha M and Dababo.
Why participate in the Itinéraire Mode event?
Le Diable Méridien has been involved for a number of years with Itinéraire Mode. We consider it as an ambitious initiative which lets you see, and re-see, a panorama of fashion design and creativity originating from Marseilles.
Which labels have you selected?
Bird Song: creates each object with passion and originality, with overstitched details and Indian inspired embroidery.
Ligne Aurore: proposes a line of timeless bags with refined lines in an excellent choice of supple leathers.
Van Palma: provides a breath of fresh air, freedom and elegance to her bird embroidered hats.

The first concept store entirely dedicated to pop-up shops. GrandPlayground is an alternative store, which successfully mixes new designers, established labels, art and food. GrandPlayground is a label incubator where everyone has their own pop-up shop for a period of 3 months.
Why participate in Itinéraire Mode ?
Itinéraire Mode is the perfect link which everybody involved in fashion in Marseilles needs in order to get national and even international resonance.
Which labels have you selected?
We have selected several young fashion designers, including the 2016 M MAJOR  laureate lei 1984 because of her cool and chic feminine style. 

Les Docks Village : 10, Place de la Joliette - 13002 Marseille

Please consult the Itinéraire Mode Webzine HERE

Baleine Aurora © Thomas Monin

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