Kodd(e)s, a 2016 M Major laureate, pays homage to Nelson Mandela


For their third collection, Kodd(e)s, the French/South African accessories label created in Aix en Provence, celebrates the colours of South Africa and particularly the contribution made by the country's Ex-President to peace and freedom.

For Nelson Mandela International Day on 18 July, the designer Isabelle Letouche and her South African team have decided to create a clutch bag in natural, unfinished calfskin, "Enveloppe MD", as a message of sharing and humanity.

Because the hero of the struggle against apartheid was a militant for 67 years, they are producing 67 numbered, handmade clutch bags, and inside each one is a postcard with inspirational quotes by Nelson Mandela.

At the initiative of Isabelle Letouche, M Major 2016 laureate, this is not just a fashion project, but also a charitable one, with the aim of helping to build a school in South Africa. For each "Enveloppe MD" sold, 10 Euros will be contributed to the project.

Available from 13 June 2016 in the Kodd(e)s boutique in Aix-en-Provence and on-line. The clutch bags come in different natural colours, with a stamped logo on a square of Springbok leather, a reminder not just of the label but also of the emblem of South Africa.

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