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At the head of  KAPORAL and a Board Member of the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM) since 2015, Laurence Paganini talks about her strong support for Fashion in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region and in the Mediterranean, which is perfectly illustrated by their latest creation, the  Jean de Nîmes, blue jeans entirely designed and made in Marseilles.

1 - What is your view on Fashion in Marseilles? 
The emergence of ready-to-wear labels in Marseilles over the last ten years proves that there is a real alternative to Paris fashion. There is a sense of freedom in Marseilles fashion, inspiring designers to mix materials, fabrics and colours in the image of the city which is both working-class and cosmopolitan. Nevertheless, the diversity of this creativity doesn't yet mean there is a "Marseilles style". However, there is one real fashion sector which is flourishing, but it is not recent, as for the last 40 years  Marseilles has been the capital of denim.

2- Why do you support the MMMM and their OPENMYMED Festival?
As a Board Member of the MMMM, I wanted to reaffirm the legitimacy and professionalism of Kaporal in the fashion sector. It was important for me to contribute to the emergence of new talent in the region and strategically position Kaporal as a mentor company for the new generations. A project like  OPENMYMED fits in with our desire to encourage the support of young fashion and accessories designers from Southern Mediterranean countries. I am a member of the Mediterranean Fashion Prize (MFP) jury and also give talks and lectures as part of the Master 1&2 Fashion and Textiles Métiers Degree courses created by the  Aix-Marseilles University (AMU).

3- Kaporal portrays an image Made In Mediterranean. The new line of jeans Jean de Nîmes is a perfect illustration, what was its origins?  
Jean de Nîmes, is the blue jean « cocorico »  for Kaporal, French and proud of it ! Kaporal was created in Marseilles in 2004, and has its origins in the skills and know-how that have crossed the generations and the banks of the Mediterranean, to impose its name as a jeanner of reference, a benchmark. With the Jean de Nîmes, we want to rekindle this local heritage and put it under the spotlight at the front of the stage, both national and international. We made the choice of having an ethically acceptable production and clothing business, with the jeans being made in France, exclusively by the Anaïs workshop in Marseilles. In fact we believe that we have a role to play, as a civic enterprise, to create and maintain these skills and know-how as well as  French artisanal craftsmanship. It is an initiative which we hope will lead to many others. 

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