James Bond Girls, the new muses of Eres


In 1962 the first James Bond film Dr No marked the beginning of a series of 22 blockbusters.

The elegance of Sean Connery won over the public, but that was not all.

The famous scene where Ursula Andress walks out of the sea in her white bikini made just as much of an impression on the cinema going public as did the Batmobile later on.

Fifty four years later, Eres, a partner label of the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM), has reinterpreted and modernised the legendary James Bond Girl swimming costume.

The stand-out detail, the belt circling the hips of Ursula Andress, is used as a fastening at the neck, or over a shoulder, or to fasten a triangle bikini top.

The Petula collection is full of colour, made up of eight models whose names are subtle references to James Bond girls.

This is a successful reinterpretation for this emblematic French lingerie and swimwear label, managed by Olivier Mauny.